⠕ Advanced grammar resources
The following features are made available through this interface:

1) Syntax validation and structural analysis
Enter a complete sentence in Hymmnos and submit it. If the syntax processor is able to analyze your input, a syntax tree will be produced, informing you of the structure of what you have provided. It is hoped that this will help in translating sentences.

Please note that this feature is highly experimental and that it will not (and never will, due to Hymmnos having some NP-complete-looking structures) recognize all valid sentences, and it may also approve of some invalid sentences due to flexibility encoded to handle more complex patterns.

Note also that this is not a production-grade linguistics work. The syntax trees it generates are amateurish in nature, occasionally lacking proper relationship structures, and are, thus, intended solely to assist humans in infering meaning.

2) Binasphere Chorus conversion
Enter multiple (two or more) phrases and Binasphere Chorus output will be generated.

Enter Binasphere Chorus text and its constituent phrases will be reconstructed.

3) Persistent Emotion Sounds application
Enter a Persistent Emotion Sounds passage and the effective full-sentence-form equivalents will be produced.

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