⠕ Ar ciel Compartment coding

Transcribed Ar ciel makes use of Compartments to convey emphasis and categorization of the frequency and amplitude its notes. While writing Public script is straight-forward, indicating Compartments requires that you follow the coding schemes described below.

Compartment ! # $ %
Category session-0 session-1 session-2 session-3 session-4
Frequency range 20,000Hz 50,000Hz 100,000Hz 150,000Hz 300,000Hz
Keystroke ! # $ %

Compartment & ( )
Category quad dual single half
Amplitude signature \___ / ̄\_ ____ /\   
Keystroke & ( )

Note that these coding elements will not cause your cusror to advance. To use them effectively, provide the Compartment(s) before the note being described.

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