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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
a.u.k.beE.V.アウクNew Testament of Pastalie
accrroadgivev.アクロードCentral Standard Note
acracertainly, surelyadv.アクラCentral Standard Note
ADDRaddress designationcnstr.?Unknown [Unofficial]
adyyatodayn.アディーアCentral Standard Note
afezeriablessv.アフェゼリアCentral Standard Note
agandconj.アグNew Testament of Pastalie
aiphifconj.アィフCentral Standard Note
ajenewadj.アジェNew Testament of Pastalie
akatastoryn.アカタCentral Standard Note
alesoundn.アーレNew Testament of Pastalie
alroenproof, evidencen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
alroetsuecompensatory, redemptiveadj.アゥロエットューエMetafalss Note
ammuesound wavesn.アミュCult Ciel Note
amyurerepentance, penitencen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
antogether, sharingadv.アンCentral Standard Note
anw(direct object identifier)prep.アンワ、アンゥMetafalss Note
apeablessed, bathed in happinessE.S. (II)アペアCult Ciel Note
aronly, uniqueadj., adv.アルCentral Standard Note
arausexchangen., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
arhouhope, wishn.アーフーNew Testament of Pastalie
arryaarrown.ありゃCentral Standard Note
arsyesharev.アーシェCentral Standard Note
artbecause of, due toadv., prep.アルトCentral Standard Note
asyarfeelingsv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
aterraaccept, receivev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
atesaccept, receivev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ausadE.S. (II)アウAlpha Note (EOLIA)
aullaopen, disclose, revealv.アウラCentral Standard Note
ayulsaeternity, permanenceadj., n.アユルサNew Testament of Pastalie
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