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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
g.k.n.eatE.V.ガッンNew Testament of Pastalie
g.v.w.fight, battleE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
g.w.f.r.judgeE.V.グウフルNew Testament of Pastalie
g.w.n.lead, guideE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
gaI want this to stopE.S. (III)Central Standard Note
gagisI am indifferentE.S. (III)ギャギスMetafalss Note
gannastrong, stubborn, solid, rockadj., n.ガナCentral Standard Note
garldentownn.ガルデンCentral Standard Note
gasardoll, stuffed animaln.ガサルNew Testament of Pastalie
gatcursen.ガットCentral Standard Note
gatyunlacursed place, Helln.ガチュンラCult Ciel Note
gatyunycursen.ガチュニCult Ciel Note
gaunjitorment, torturev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
gautodark skies, overcast, dark cloudsn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
gauvsin, blamen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
gauzewigadespairn., v.ガゥンゼーヴィーガMetafalss Note
gayaI never want this to happen againE.S. (III)ガヤCentral Standard Note
geeowoath, vow, determinationn., v.ギオCentral Standard Note
getrradirty, taintedadj.ゲットラCentral Standard Note
gfinetimen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
gigeadethsteel, ironadj., n.ギガディスCentral Standard Note
giuebodyn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
gizfear, dreadn., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
gkgulcrackedadj.グックルNew Testament of Pastalie
glanseedivine, gloriousadj.グランズィNew Testament of Pastalie
glasdensupremeadj.グラスデンMetafalss Note
goaonly (thing)adj., adv.ゴアNew Testament of Pastalie
goolstarved, parchedadj.グールCentral Standard Note
gotacquirev.ゴットCult Ciel Note
gottget off! go away! (dirty feeling)intj.ゴットCentral Standard Note
govanvehementadj.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
govazfianceen.ゴーヴァズCult Ciel Note
gralentirety, wholeadj.グラルNew Testament of Pastalie
granbegin (a performance)v.グランCult Ciel Note
grandeeparent, guardiann.グランディエーMetafalss Note
grandusdefend, protectv.グランドゥスMetafalss Note
granmewanting to protect, braveE.S. (II)グランメCentral Standard Note
graveindoors, cave, sheltern.グレィヴCult Ciel Note
grlanzadancev.グランツァCentral Standard Note
growinsolent, arrogantadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
grrenagreenadj., n.グレナCentral Standard Note
grruwraise (as a parent raising a child)v.グルゥCentral Standard Note
guardprotection, defensen.グアルドCentral Standard Note
guatrzanger, hatredn.ゴーッCentral Standard Note
guaysugaze downwardsv.グァイスCentral Standard Note
guolclose (as a door)v.グォルCentral Standard Note
guwoangry, resentfulE.S. (II)グウォCentral Standard Note
gyajeerror, mistaken.ギャジェCentral Standard Note
gyajleesinneradj., n.ギャジェレCult Ciel Note
gyasevil spirit, bad seedn.ギャスCentral Standard Note
gyento create, to realize (as with magic)v.ジェンCult Ciel Note
gyenelwizard (crafter)n.ジェネルCult Ciel Note
gyengyatdevour, imbibev.ジェンジャットCult Ciel Note
gyussembracen.ギュスCentral Standard Note
gyusyacontrolv.ギュシャCentral Standard Note
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