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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
r.f.m.see, observeE.V.ルフンNew Testament of Pastalie
r.f.r.m.recognize, know, understandE.V.ルフルンNew Testament of Pastalie
r.l.t.y.revive, restore, resurrectE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
r.w.help, saveE.V.ルゥNew Testament of Pastalie
raI want this to continueE.S. (III)Central Standard Note
racenecklace, wreathen., v.レースCentral Standard Note
raklyacry tears, weepv.ラクリャCult Ciel Note
ranarunv.ラーナCentral Standard Note
rannefrewardn.ラニェフCentral Standard Note
rasseyell, shoutv.ラッセーCentral Standard Note
raudlappearance, shape, formn.ラウドゥルNew Testament of Pastalie
rawahblossom, petaln.ラワNew Testament of Pastalie
re(passive modifier)adv.Central Standard Note
Re=NationHymmnos - Re=Nationn.リネイションCentral Standard Note
reenhear, listenv.リーンCentral Standard Note
repoeargratituden.レポエアCentral Standard Note
retaplease (action)prep.レタNew Testament of Pastalie
reteforget, forgetfuladj., v.レテCult Ciel Note
revatailReyvateiln.レーヴァテイルMetafalss Note
reverisnightmare, delusionn.レベリスCentral Standard Note
revmdreamn.レムCentral Standard Note
rhaplancaA goddess in Meta Falss mythologyn.ラプランカMetafalss Note
ridalnaeirreplaceableadj.リダルナーエMetafalss Note
rifaiahborne of revivaladj., adv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
rifaienrevive, resurrectv.リーファイエンMetafalss Note
Rig=VedaHymmnos - Rig=Vedan.リグヴェーダMetafalss Note
rincsynchronize, sympathizev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
riomodeliver (an object, report, information...)v.リオーモCluster Note
rippllysreply, responsen., v.リプリスCentral Standard Note
riuraface, facial expressionn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
rivirerivern.リヴィレCentral Standard Note
riyasincerityn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
rollikeadv.ロルCentral Standard Note
roonmansionn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
rooshellancradlen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
rosarose, rose petaln.ロサCentral Standard Note
rre(subject identifier)cnstr.Central Standard Note
Rrhatrance-likeE.S. (I)Central Standard Note
rudjeredadj., n.ルジェCentral Standard Note
ruiniedestruction, disruption, crash (as a computer)v.ルイニェCentral Standard Note
ruiniendestructionn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
rumflamen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ryewaovergrown, thick (as vegetation)adj.リェワNew Testament of Pastalie
ryushedepart on a journeyv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ryussetravels, journeyn.リュージーCult Ciel Note
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