Welcome to the Hymmnoserver
The world of Ar tonelico, Sol Ciel, is home to a language of song magic, known as "Hymmnos".

Here, you will be able to learn how this language works and you may look up words in English and Japanese.

Please be aware that this English version is an unofficial, fan-translated work and may, therefore, contain errors and suffer from synchronization lag against the original Japanese site.

Some features differ (for better or worse) and some details, such as examples, were intentionally rewritten in a manner believed to make more sense to an English-speaking audience.

If you notice any problems, please report the issue and help to make this service better.

⠕ The grammar of Hymmnos Words
Hymmnos Words are organized into a simple grammar. Before perusing the dictionary, you should consider learning about its syntax to deepen your understanding. To the right, you will find links to articles about the different types of Hymmnos and details about how the grammar works.

⠕ Hymmnos characters
Hymmnos Words are written in special scripts. Exploring this system will be more enjoyable if you are able to see the characters as intended. TrueType fonts for are available as free downloads from the sidebar to the right.

  • Users of modern Unix-like operating systems can usually just view the font with their platform's font-viewer and click 'Install' or save the font file into ~/.fonts/ and make use of it immediately.
  • Mac OS X users may view the font and click 'Install' or drag the font into Library/Fonts/ under their home directory.
  • Those using Microsoft Windows will need to do some weird dance that may or may not involve a lot of right-clicking, finding a Fonts directory that may or may not be write-protected, and, possibly, restarting their system several times to get the font-indexer to notice the addition.

⠕ Searching for Hymmnos
The search bar at the top of every page allows you to look up Hymmnos in the database. Using this feature, you can do the following:

1) Find a word in Hymmnos
Enter a word in Hymmnos and submit it. You will see a list of all words beginning with the characters you entered.

2) Look up an entire Hymmnos sentence
Enter several words in Hymmnos, separated by spaces, and submit them. A translation for each word will be presented.

3) Find the Hymmnos for an English word
Enter a word in English, then submit it. All Hymmnos words that involve the fragment you provided will be displayed.

4) Find Hymmnos by kana
Enter the first few characters that represent the pronunciation of the Hymmnos you are trying to find, then submit them. All Hymmnos words with Japanese pronunciation beginning with what you provided will be displayed.

5) Find Hymmnos by romaji
This works in the same manner as searching by kana, but it uses a romaji representation of words in Hymmnos, which may be easier for some users.

6) Browse Hymmnos by letter or category
Click the "Full Hymmnos lexicon" link below the search bar and you will be presented with a full index of the dictionary, split based on the Roman alphabet or syntax class.

7) Advanced grammar processing
Click the "Advanced grammar resources" link below the search bar and you will be presented with an interface that supports the following:

  • Syntactic validation and structural processing
  • Binasphere Chorus encoding and decoding
  • Persistent Emotion Sounds evaluation
Download the Hymmnos TrueType Font (v1.1) Download the Hymmnos
TrueType Font (v1.1)

Download the Ar ciela TrueType Font (v0.9) Download the Ar ciela
TrueType Font (v0.9)
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