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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
ChronicleKeyHymmnos - ChronicleKeyn.クロニクルキーAlpha Note (EOLIA)
Diaking, throne, rulern.ディアCentral Standard Note
EXA_PICOExa Picon.エクサピーコUnknown [Unofficial]
HaibanationHymmnos - Hibernationn.ハイバーネションUnknown [Unofficial]
HarmoniousHymmnos - Harmoniousn.ハーモニウスCentral Standard Note
ImplantaHymmnos - Implanta, God's tree, fruit, seedn.イムプランタUnknown [Unofficial]
LincaHymmnos - Linkern.リンカCentral Standard Note
Manactrue name, name of a souln.マナクCult Ciel Note
MetaMid-sized mountainous regionn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
MetafalicaHymmnos - Metafalican.メタファリカMetafalss Note
PajaHymmnos - Purgern.パージャCentral Standard Note
PhantasmagoriaHymmnos - Phantasmagorian.ファンタスマゴリアAlpha Note (EOLIA)
Re=NationHymmnos - Re=Nationn.リネイションCentral Standard Note
Rig=VedaHymmnos - Rig=Vedan.リグヴェーダMetafalss Note
SuspendHymmnos - Suspendn.サスペンドCentral Standard Note
U-TAsongn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
VienaHymmnos - Vienan.ヴィーナUnknown [Unofficial]
adyyatodayn.アディーアCentral Standard Note
akatastoryn.アカタCentral Standard Note
alesoundn.アーレNew Testament of Pastalie
alroenproof, evidencen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ammuesound wavesn.アミュCult Ciel Note
amyurerepentance, penitencen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
arausexchangen., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
arhouhope, wishn.アーフーNew Testament of Pastalie
arryaarrown.ありゃCentral Standard Note
ayulsaeternity, permanenceadj., n.アユルサNew Testament of Pastalie
balduodark, hiddenadj., n.バルドゥーNew Testament of Pastalie
balespheren.バレCentral Standard Note
basilicbig snake, (also: gun, artillery)n.バジリクCentral Standard Note
bengbefore, previous, pastadv., n.ベングCentral Standard Note
bengnuihevening, duskn.ベヌイCentral Standard Note
bisterbeast, monstern.ビステルCentral Standard Note
bochesmouth, holen.ボチェスCentral Standard Note
brinchbranch, limbn.ブリンクCentral Standard Note
briyantecries of delight, words of joyn.ブリイャンテMetafalss Note
burleblueadj., n.ブゥレCentral Standard Note
calamilacatastrophen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
cecetshieldn.ケケトCentral Standard Note
cekufriend, partner, compatriotn.セクNew Testament of Pastalie
cerchiopossibility, probabilityn.チェルキオCentral Standard Note
cesttruth, realityadj., n.セストCentral Standard Note
chantipraise, rewardn., v.シャンティCentral Standard Note
chiesskissn., v.チェスCentral Standard Note
ciaskyn.シアNew Testament of Pastalie
cielworld, skyn.シェールCentral Standard Note
ciellenneair, the skiesn.シエルレーニェCentral Standard Note
clallisscolourn., v.クラリスCentral Standard Note
clamourknee, lapn.クラマーCentral Standard Note
clemezeninsane, insanityadj., n.クレムゼンCentral Standard Note
colgaicen.クオルガCentral Standard Note
corleheartn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
corpubody, fleshn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
cremiarelief, aid, salvationn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
crowncup, gobletn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
crudeaanguish, distressn.クルーデアMetafalss Note
cuplasinn.キュプルCentral Standard Note
cyurioreason, logic, systemn.キュリオCentral Standard Note
daedueyesoren.ダェドゥスNew Testament of Pastalie
danddoorn.ダンドCentral Standard Note
dauandawnn.ダウアンCentral Standard Note
dazuadark, shadyadj., n.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
deggeezbetray, oppose, betrayaln., v.ディジーズCentral Standard Note
dejuyatonementn.デジュィNew Testament of Pastalie
deleircalamity, disastern.デレイアAlpha Note (EOLIA)
deneraevil beingn.デネラCentral Standard Note
dgalcountry, regionn.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
dhezeallcaptive, prisonern.ディージアルMetafalss Note
diaseechild of divinityn.ディアズィエーMetafalss Note
diletegod's divine protectionn.ディレーテCentral Standard Note
discestlie, cheat, deceiven., v.ディセストCentral Standard Note
diusdivine, sacred, nobleadj., n.ディウスCult Ciel Note
diviegasacred sword, great wisdom (derivative meaning)n.ディヴィエーガCult Ciel Note
djebodyn.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
dooduground, earthn.ドードゥNew Testament of Pastalie
dorland mass, continentn.ドールCentral Standard Note
dorntree, woodn.ドルンCentral Standard Note
dornpicanut, berryn.ドゥルンピカCult Ciel Note
draleeofferingn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
dsierdesiren.ヂェアCentral Standard Note
dyyadayn.ディーアCentral Standard Note
dyyal(day-count indicator)n.ディーアルCentral Standard Note
eetoralternativen.エトゥーCentral Standard Note
ejeheart, mind, spirit, self, feelingn.エジェNew Testament of Pastalie
enesseemotionn.エネッセCult Ciel Note
engassyaraid, plunder (command)n., v.エンガーシャCentral Standard Note
enneprayer, wishn., v.エニェCentral Standard Note
erphymemory, rememberancen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
etealuneeternityn.エテルネェMetafalss Note
eterneeternityn.エテールネAlpha Note (EOLIA)
euxeyen.ユクスCentral Standard Note
falfapeacen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
fandelmany, numerous thingsadj., n.ファンデルMetafalss Note
faneaffectionn.ファーネCentral Standard Note
fatelefathern.ファテレーMetafalss Note
faubirdn.ファウMetafalss Note
faurasmall birdn.ファウラMetafalss Note
fayrafire, flamen.ファイラCentral Standard Note
fedyyatomorrown.フィディーアCentral Standard Note
feewindn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
fhaulightn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
fhyuwind, breezen.ヒュフCentral Standard Note
firanziaend of an era, end of the worldn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
firgapastn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
fluyspring, pool (of water)n.フリュイCentral Standard Note
forlindelvillage leadern.フォーリンデルCult Ciel Note
forlindenvillagen.フォーリンデンCult Ciel Note
foulwonder, mystery, miraclen.フォウルCult Ciel Note
fowrllecomfort, rest, relaxationn., v.フォワールCentral Standard Note
frawrflowern.ラーワCentral Standard Note
frawrlespringtimen.ラワールCult Ciel Note
fsbreezen.フスNew Testament of Pastalie
fwalwingn.フワルCult Ciel Note
fwillrafeather, downn.フィラCult Ciel Note
gannastrong, stubborn, solid, rockadj., n.ガナCentral Standard Note
garldentownn.ガルデンCentral Standard Note
gasardoll, stuffed animaln.ガサルNew Testament of Pastalie
gatcursen.ガットCentral Standard Note
gatyunlacursed place, Helln.ガチュンラCult Ciel Note
gatyunycursen.ガチュニCult Ciel Note
gautodark skies, overcast, dark cloudsn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
gauvsin, blamen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
gauzewigadespairn., v.ガゥンゼーヴィーガMetafalss Note
geeowoath, vow, determinationn., v.ギオCentral Standard Note
gfinetimen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
gigeadethsteel, ironadj., n.ギガディスCentral Standard Note
giuebodyn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
gizfear, dreadn., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
govazfianceen.ゴーヴァズCult Ciel Note
grandeeparent, guardiann.グランディエーMetafalss Note
graveindoors, cave, sheltern.グレィヴCult Ciel Note
grrenagreenadj., n.グレナCentral Standard Note
guardprotection, defensen.グアルドCentral Standard Note
guatrzanger, hatredn.ゴーッCentral Standard Note
gyajeerror, mistaken.ギャジェCentral Standard Note
gyajleesinneradj., n.ギャジェレCult Ciel Note
gyasevil spirit, bad seedn.ギャスCentral Standard Note
gyenelwizard (crafter)n.ジェネルCult Ciel Note
gyussembracen.ギュスCentral Standard Note
handeresdefeat, lossn., v.ヘンデレスCentral Standard Note
harphemorningn.ハルフェNew Testament of Pastalie
harsher (plural)n.ハルスCentral Standard Note
hartonloven.ハートンCentral Standard Note
hashern.ハスCentral Standard Note
hasyufishn.ハシュCentral Standard Note
heethahealthyadj., n.ヒィーサCentral Standard Note
hereheren.イアCentral Standard Note
hershim (plural)n.へルスCentral Standard Note
heshimn.ヘスCentral Standard Note
hiewsaddness, griefn.ヒーウNew Testament of Pastalie
hiralgthirstn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
hopbheart, mind (as an experience)n.ホップCult Ciel Note
hymmasmall birdn.ヒュンマCentral Standard Note
hymmesing, play an instrument, resonaten., v.ヒュムCentral Standard Note
hymmnemelody, tune, sound wavesn.ヒュムネCentral Standard Note
hymmnosHymmnos, songn.ヒュムノスCentral Standard Note
hynnevoicen.ヒュンCentral Standard Note
hyzikbody, formn.フィジクAlpha Note (EOLIA)
iasienmorning dewn.イアシェンCult Ciel Note
ieeyahope, wishn.イーヤCentral Standard Note
iempresent (time)n.イェムMetafalss Note
infelloven.インフェルMetafalss Note
innnainner world, within the heartn.インナCult Ciel Note
jambeafoot, legn.ジャンベァCentral Standard Note
jengeenemy, rival, opponentn.ジェンジェCult Ciel Note
jenhahdisaster, calamityadj., n.ジェンハーCult Ciel Note
joueedivine powern.ジュエCentral Standard Note
juewatern.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
kapawatern.カパCult Ciel Note
keenisradiancen.ケニスCentral Standard Note
kegbranch, limbn.ケグNew Testament of Pastalie
kiakkyafriendn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
kialagold, goldenadj., n.?Unknown [Unofficial]
kierreinstant, momentn.キェーッレMetafalss Note
konlaecho, resoundn., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
koorastream, brookn.コーラCentral Standard Note
koufsighn., v.クーフNew Testament of Pastalie
kuhlepoisonn.キューレCentral Standard Note
kvviaregret, repentancen., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
kvyeireend, demisen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lamenzalament, griefn.ラメンツァーMetafalss Note
lasyeboyn.ラシェCentral Standard Note
leaffbook, picture bookn.リーフMetafalss Note
lequeragood person, doer of goodn.リクウィラCult Ciel Note
lirlightn.ライルAlpha Note (EOLIA)
lirlesummertimen.リレールCult Ciel Note
lofplace, locationn.ロフCult Ciel Note
lonfasouln.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lornyahoneyn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lulurnyajoy, happinessn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lusyelightn.ルーシェMetafalss Note
lyafrebutterflyn.リャフレCult Ciel Note
lyumastar, planetn.リュマNew Testament of Pastalie
maenfull moonn.マエンNew Testament of Pastalie
mahinhandn.マァインCentral Standard Note
manaflife (mortality)n.マナフMetafalss Note
manafeezelive, state of livingn., v.マナフィーツェMetafalss Note
maohMaoh, Rhaplanca's partner in Meta Falss mythology n.マオMetafalss Note
martamother, motherlyadj., n.マルタMetafalss Note
mauneyelidn.マウンCult Ciel Note
mayamagic, the supernaturaln.マヤCult Ciel Note
meame, myselfn.ミーァCentral Standard Note
meanus, ourselvesn.ミーンCentral Standard Note
melifanhistoryn.メリファンMetafalss Note
melvazbriden.メルヴァズCult Ciel Note
memoramemoryn.メモーラCentral Standard Note
meodream, idealn.メオCentral Standard Note
merfapure, pure wishadj., n.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
merraus (subject form)n.?Central Standard Note
meryumemoryn.メリュNew Testament of Pastalie
milrafragrancen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
miriewarm, gentleadj., n.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
mortodie, deathn., v.モルトCentral Standard Note
murfanarethoughts, feelingsn.ムルファナーレMetafalss Note
naflanseegood fortunen.ナフランズィーNew Testament of Pastalie
nearlife (mortality)n.ニェァーCentral Standard Note
nezznosen.ネズCentral Standard Note
nnoinifirst timeadv., n.ノイニCentral Standard Note
nocenature, spontaneityn.ノーセCult Ciel Note
noesselfn.ノイスCentral Standard Note
nosaashgoddessn.ノーサッシュCult Ciel Note
nuihnightn.ヌイCentral Standard Note
nxnext, subsequentn.ヌクスCentral Standard Note
nyamomeowingn., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
nyamonyasfriendn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ocurpriver mouthn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
olonightn.オロNew Testament of Pastalie
omnesslife, existencen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
omniswhole, completeadj., n.オムニスMetafalss Note
oriyeearn.オリイェCentral Standard Note
orvicllequestion, challengen.オーヴィクルCentral Standard Note
ouvyuruinsn.オゥヴェNew Testament of Pastalie
papanarainn.パパナCult Ciel Note
papasbeliefn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
parceproof, evidencen.パーシェCentral Standard Note
parithhonesty, sincerityadj., n.パリスCult Ciel Note
pauweechild of powern.パゥウェーMetafalss Note
pauwelpowern.パゥウェルMetafalss Note
pawrpower, strengthn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
phiraseed, typen.ピラMetafalss Note
phizbodyn.フィズCult Ciel Note
phyuecongratulationsn., v.ヒュゥCentral Standard Note
pikcafruit, positive resultn.ピッカNew Testament of Pastalie
pipelpipe, cylinderadj., n.ピペルCentral Standard Note
pirtuespirit (as in ghost)n.ピリチュエMetafalss Note
plinagreenery (vegetation)n.プリナCentral Standard Note
poeseed, typen.ポエNew Testament of Pastalie
polonisolationn.ポロンCult Ciel Note
ponoeggn.ポノCentral Standard Note
popbubble, frothn.ポプNew Testament of Pastalie
prasrityprosper, prosperityn., v.プラスリティーCentral Standard Note
proothbloodn.プルースCult Ciel Note
ptrapicatreasuren.プトラピカCult Ciel Note
ptrapilefalltimen.プトラピルCult Ciel Note
pupetear, teardropn.ピューペNew Testament of Pastalie
qejyuhumanity, human beingn.ケジェウNew Testament of Pastalie
qogaend, demisen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
qraffaleafn.クラッファNew Testament of Pastalie
qualspossess life, return to lifen., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
quesaearth-shaker, thunder, lightning striken.クエーサーCentral Standard Note
quivalewintertimen.クィバーレCult Ciel Note
quivesilence, stillnessn., v.クウィバCult Ciel Note
quowjazjustice, righteousnessn.クォウジャズCult Ciel Note
racenecklace, wreathen., v.レースCentral Standard Note
rannefrewardn.ラニェフCentral Standard Note
raudlappearance, shape, formn.ラウドゥルNew Testament of Pastalie
rawahblossom, petaln.ラワNew Testament of Pastalie
repoeargratituden.レポエアCentral Standard Note
revatailReyvateiln.レーヴァテイルMetafalss Note
reverisnightmare, delusionn.レベリスCentral Standard Note
revmdreamn.レムCentral Standard Note
rhaplancaA goddess in Meta Falss mythologyn.ラプランカMetafalss Note
rippllysreply, responsen., v.リプリスCentral Standard Note
riuraface, facial expressionn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
rivirerivern.リヴィレCentral Standard Note
riyasincerityn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
roonmansionn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
rooshellancradlen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
rosarose, rose petaln.ロサCentral Standard Note
rudjeredadj., n.ルジェCentral Standard Note
ruiniendestructionn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
rumflamen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ryussetravels, journeyn.リュージーCult Ciel Note
sakarman.Central Standard Note
saashgodn.サーシュCentral Standard Note
sablsandn.サブルCentral Standard Note
sacrabloodn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
sanctumarkn.サンクトゥムCentral Standard Note
sarskyn.サーAlpha Note (EOLIA)
saragrassn.サラCentral Standard Note
sarlasong, poemn.サルラMetafalss Note
sarrsunshine, radiancen.サールNew Testament of Pastalie
sarsarainn.サーサNew Testament of Pastalie
sasyegirln.サシェCentral Standard Note
sechelcityn.セケルNew Testament of Pastalie
sefanlforestn.セファンルNew Testament of Pastalie
sephajecreation of the worldn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
shazrathorny vine, briar, splintern.シャズラCentral Standard Note
sheaksunn.シェァクCult Ciel Note
sheakenleftn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
shefracreation of the worldn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
shellshell (inside of)n.?Unknown [Unofficial]
shellanbasket, cage, celln.シェランMetafalss Note
shenlightn.シェンCentral Standard Note
shyunsadness, griefadj., n.?Unknown [Unofficial]
siancesanctuary, holy land, paradisen.シャンシェNew Testament of Pastalie
siannlightn.シャンNew Testament of Pastalie
sielpsmall streamn.シェルプCentral Standard Note
skitpromise, vown., v.スキットCult Ciel Note
soarehymn, prayern.?Unknown [Unofficial]
solshining daylight, cascading of radiant brilliancen., v.ソルMetafalss Note
sosarsorcery, magical powern.ソサルCentral Standard Note
sphaelathe world, the universe (perceived reality)n.スファイェラNew Testament of Pastalie
sphilarmind, heart, spiritn.スフィーラMetafalss Note
spiritumsoul, of the souladj., n.スピリトゥムCentral Standard Note
spitzefreedomn.シュピッツエCentral Standard Note
syaleadecision, determinationn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
syanaloven.?Unknown [Unofficial]
syecdepths, abyss, ravinen.セクCult Ciel Note
syezosoupn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
tafaneglitter, sparklen., v.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
talamsunrisen.ターランNew Testament of Pastalie
tapawatern.タパNew Testament of Pastalie
tatakariaexistences, beings, livesn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
timtimen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
titiagood will, good intentionsn.ティティアNew Testament of Pastalie
titilaccessory, small itemn.ティティルCult Ciel Note
tonelicodivine tree (possibly also 'tower')n.?Unknown [Unofficial]
turebondsn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
tussuchange, transformationn.トゥッスNew Testament of Pastalie
ujesmaliceadv., n.ウジェスNew Testament of Pastalie
urgngrief, lamentationn.ウルグンNew Testament of Pastalie
uteudoze offn., v.ウテゥCult Ciel Note
valebedn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
vardabig treen.ヴァルダMetafalss Note
vegahere, thisn.ヴェガNew Testament of Pastalie
vegethere, thatn.ヴェジェNew Testament of Pastalie
viegablade, swordn.ヴィエーガMetafalss Note
vigigacoldadj., n.?Unknown [Unofficial]
vinewine, alcoholn.ヴィーネCentral Standard Note
waeljoy, delightn., v.ワェールCentral Standard Note
walaenlifecyclen.ワラエンCult Ciel Note
walasyepersonn.ワラーシェCult Ciel Note
walphishmermaid, mermann.ワルフィッシュCult Ciel Note
warce(conferrence of) blessing, celebrationn., v.ワーシェCentral Standard Note
wartword, languagen.ワートCentral Standard Note
wasaraabundant, abundanceadj., n.ワサラCentral Standard Note
wassafestivaln.ワッサCult Ciel Note
weakmoon, month (when used as a period counter)n.ウィアクCentral Standard Note
weakenrightn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
werllratear, teardrop, dropn.ウィルラMetafalss Note
whaltwhatn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
wharnarmn.ワーンCentral Standard Note
withat, that one theren.ウィCentral Standard Note
wienemelody, tone, timbren.?Unknown [Unofficial]
wimdaughtern.ウィムCentral Standard Note
windilingspirit of the windn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
wirtamarlstranquil, tranquilityadj., n.?Unknown [Unofficial]
xavawoundn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
xevxldespairn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
yealline, cable, connectionn.イェーアCult Ciel Note
yehahgood fortunen.イェハーCentral Standard Note
yoryoun.ヨアCentral Standard Note
yorayou (plural)n.ヨラCentral Standard Note
yurabalancen.ユラCentral Standard Note
zaamsea, oceann.?Unknown [Unofficial]
zadiushatredn.ザディウスMetafalss Note
zalezwaterfalln.ザーレズNew Testament of Pastalie
zarnnstorm, tempestn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
zashpain, painfuladj., n.ザッシュCentral Standard Note
zauveclever, sagacious, clevernessadj., n.ザーベCult Ciel Note
zeethchainn.ジーズCentral Standard Note
zetsfycruelty, harshnessn.ゼッツファイCult Ciel Note
zixxaattitude, disposition, spiritn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
zodaldeath of, process of dyingn., v.ゾダルMetafalss Note
zodawdeathn.ゾダウMetafalss Note
zuiegauthority, jurisdictionadj., n.ズウィーグAlpha Note (EOLIA)
zwihandervictory, winn.ツヴァイヘンデルCentral Standard Note
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