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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
SuspendHymmnos - Suspendn.サスペンドCentral Standard Note
s.l.believe, trustE.V.シルNew Testament of Pastalie
s.l.y.award, giveE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
s.n.k.k.bud, sproutE.V.スンクNew Testament of Pastalie
s.s.w.talk, communicate, declareE.V.スーウNew Testament of Pastalie
sakarman.Central Standard Note
saashgodn.サーシュCentral Standard Note
sablsandn.サブルCentral Standard Note
sacrabloodn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
sallognalie down, stretch, restv.サログナCentral Standard Note
sanctumarkn.サンクトゥムCentral Standard Note
sarskyn.サーAlpha Note (EOLIA)
saragrassn.サラCentral Standard Note
sarlasong, poemn.サルラMetafalss Note
sarrsunshine, radiancen.サールNew Testament of Pastalie
sarrifisoffer (as sacrifice)v.サリフィスCentral Standard Note
sarsarainn.サーサNew Testament of Pastalie
sashscatterv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
sasyegirln.サシェCentral Standard Note
savathdisperse, scatter, overflowv.サーバスCult Ciel Note
sechelcityn.セケルNew Testament of Pastalie
sefanlforestn.セファンルNew Testament of Pastalie
selenaplay (an instrument)v.セレナMetafalss Note
sephajecreation of the worldn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
sevat the time ofconj.セヴNew Testament of Pastalie
sguelaprecious, importantadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
shazrathorny vine, briar, splintern.シャズラCentral Standard Note
sheaksunn.シェァクCult Ciel Note
sheakenleftn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
shefracreation of the worldn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
shellshell (inside of)n.?Unknown [Unofficial]
shellanbasket, cage, celln.シェランMetafalss Note
shenlightn.シェンCentral Standard Note
shyunsadness, griefadj., n.?Unknown [Unofficial]
siala little bit, a little whileadj.シャルCentral Standard Note
siancesanctuary, holy land, paradisen.シャンシェNew Testament of Pastalie
siannlightn.シャンNew Testament of Pastalie
sielpsmall streamn.シェルプCentral Standard Note
sikleave, become separatedv.シクCult Ciel Note
sisserase, extinguish, shut downv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
skitpromise, vown., v.スキットCult Ciel Note
slepsleepv.スレプCentral Standard Note
slepirput to sleep, halt, cease activityv.スレピアMetafalss Note
soin such a way, to that degreeadv., prt.?Unknown [Unofficial]
soarehymn, prayern.?Unknown [Unofficial]
solshining daylight, cascading of radiant brilliancen., v.ソルMetafalss Note
sonwesingv.ソンウェMetafalss Note
sorthatpron.ソァCentral Standard Note
sosfor the sake ofconj., prep.ソスCentral Standard Note
sosarsorcery, magical powern.ソサルCentral Standard Note
sphaelathe world, the universe (perceived reality)n.スファイェラNew Testament of Pastalie
sphilarmind, heart, spiritn.スフィーラMetafalss Note
spiritumsoul, of the souladj., n.スピリトゥムCentral Standard Note
spitzefreedomn.シュピッツエCentral Standard Note
ssvidoutlivev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
stelsteal, takev.ステルCentral Standard Note
stelledcompete for, struggle overv.ステレドCentral Standard Note
suwantrescue, assistv.スワントCentral Standard Note
syaleadecision, determinationn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
syanaloven.?Unknown [Unofficial]
syastassemble, congregatev.シャストCentral Standard Note
syecdepths, abyss, ravinen.セクCult Ciel Note
syezosoupn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
synkoverlap, pile upv.シンクCentral Standard Note
syunahtdissolve, scatter, vanishv.シュナットCult Ciel Note
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