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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
ADDRaddress designationcnstr.?Unknown [Unofficial]
a.u.k.beE.V.アウクNew Testament of Pastalie
accrroadgivev.アクロードCentral Standard Note
acracertainly, surelyadv.アクラCentral Standard Note
adyyatodayn.アディーアCentral Standard Note
afezeriablessv.アフェゼリアCentral Standard Note
agandconj.アグNew Testament of Pastalie
aiphifconj.アィフCentral Standard Note
ajenewadj.アジェNew Testament of Pastalie
akatastoryn.アカタCentral Standard Note
alesoundn.アーレNew Testament of Pastalie
alroenproof, evidencen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
alroetsuecompensatory, redemptiveadj.アゥロエットューエMetafalss Note
ammuesound wavesn.アミュCult Ciel Note
amyurerepentance, penitencen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
antogether, sharingadv.アンCentral Standard Note
anw(direct object identifier)prep.アンワ、アンゥMetafalss Note
apeablessed, bathed in happinessE.S. (II)アペアCult Ciel Note
aronly, uniqueadj., adv.アルCentral Standard Note
arausexchangen., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
arhouhope, wishn.アーフーNew Testament of Pastalie
arryaarrown.ありゃCentral Standard Note
arsyesharev.アーシェCentral Standard Note
artbecause of, due toadv., prep.アルトCentral Standard Note
asyarfeelingsv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
aterraaccept, receivev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
atesaccept, receivev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ausadE.S. (II)アウAlpha Note (EOLIA)
aullaopen, disclose, revealv.アウラCentral Standard Note
ayulsaeternity, permanenceadj., n.アユルサNew Testament of Pastalie
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