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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
Foua littleE.S. (I)フォウCentral Standard Note
f.p.n.fall (as rain), downpourE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
f.r.l.be frightenedE.V.フルルNew Testament of Pastalie
f.s.whisperE.V.エフスNew Testament of Pastalie
f.w.r.acceptE.V.フウルNew Testament of Pastalie
f.w.r.n.wrap aroundE.V.フウルンNew Testament of Pastalie
faffrightening, creepyadj.ファフCult Ciel Note
faiymomentary, instantaneousadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
fajaadvance, progressv.ファージャCult Ciel Note
falfapeacen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
famfafly (flap wings)v.ファンファCentral Standard Note
fanalealoud, sonorousadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
fandelmany, numerous thingsadj., n.ファンデルMetafalss Note
faneaffectionn.ファーネCentral Standard Note
fatelefathern.ファテレーMetafalss Note
fatereif not (x) then (y)conj.ファーテレCentral Standard Note
faubirdn.ファウMetafalss Note
faurasmall birdn.ファウラMetafalss Note
fayrafire, flamen.ファイラCentral Standard Note
fedyyatomorrown.フィディーアCentral Standard Note
feewindn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ferdadwell (as in a home)v.フェルダMetafalss Note
ferniasmilev.フェーニャCult Ciel Note
fhaulightn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
fhauriof lightadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
fhyuwind, breezen.ヒュフCentral Standard Note
firanziaend of an era, end of the worldn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
firgapastn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
firlefeel, sensev.フィルレMetafalss Note
flarefloat, levitatev.フラレCentral Standard Note
flipreverse, command for flip-flop conversionv.フリプCentral Standard Note
flipin exchange (for)prep.フリプCult Ciel Note
fluyspring, pool (of water)n.フリュイCentral Standard Note
focsdeep, thickadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
fogabeforgive, pardonv.フォーゲイブCentral Standard Note
foltenbefore (directional), in frontprep.フォルテンCentral Standard Note
forgandalbecause of...(!)conj., prep.フォーガンダルCult Ciel Note
forlindelvillage leadern.フォーリンデルCult Ciel Note
forlindenvillagen.フォーリンデンCult Ciel Note
foulwonder, mystery, miraclen.フォウルCult Ciel Note
fountainacover, bury, submergeadj., v.ファウンティナCentral Standard Note
fowrllecomfort, rest, relaxationn., v.フォワールCentral Standard Note
frawrflowern.ラーワCentral Standard Note
frawrlespringtimen.ラワールCult Ciel Note
frissonershiverv.フリッソネアCentral Standard Note
frreiereleasev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
fsbreezen.フスNew Testament of Pastalie
fttvanishv.フッCentral Standard Note
fulualreceive (as having a wish come true)v.フルアルCentral Standard Note
fusyawrapv.フーシャCentral Standard Note
futarefuturen., prep.フターレCentral Standard Note
fwalwingn.フワルCult Ciel Note
fwillrafeather, downn.フィラCult Ciel Note
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