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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
LincaHymmnos - Linkern.リンカCentral Standard Note
l.k.k.admire, look up atE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
l.l.n.blessE.V.リリンNew Testament of Pastalie
l.n.c.a.link, connectE.V.ルンカNew Testament of Pastalie
lathat (used to add emphasis)adj., adv.Central Standard Note
lamenzalament, griefn.ラメンツァーMetafalss Note
lamenzeoborne of laments, borne of griefadj., adv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lapochance encounterv.ラポCult Ciel Note
lasyeboyn.ラシェCentral Standard Note
laufear, dreadE.S. (II)?Unknown [Unofficial]
lautycafall downv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
layyfalse, fictional, illusionaryadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
leaffbook, picture bookn.リーフMetafalss Note
leatplay (an instrument)v.リーCentral Standard Note
lequeragood person, doer of goodn.リクウィラCult Ciel Note
lhasyaconnect, tie togetherv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lithat (used to add emphasis)adj., adv.Central Standard Note
linentalk, speakv.リーネンCult Ciel Note
lirlightn.ライルAlpha Note (EOLIA)
lirlesummertimen.リレールCult Ciel Note
llizzmight, possibly, maybeadv.リズCentral Standard Note
lofplace, locationn.ロフCult Ciel Note
lonfasouln.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lornyahoneyn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lossdead, lostadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lulurnyajoy, happinessn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lurreafearv.ルーッレアMetafalss Note
lusyelightn.ルーシェMetafalss Note
lyafrebutterflyn.リャフレCult Ciel Note
lyrnyagentle, peacefuladj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lyumastar, planetn.リュマNew Testament of Pastalie
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