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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
EXA_PICOExa Picon.エクサピーコUnknown [Unofficial]
eazasmutualadj.イーザスCentral Standard Note
echrraresonatev.エクラCentral Standard Note
eepraisev.ィエエMetafalss Note
eetoralternativen.エトゥーCentral Standard Note
ejeheart, mind, spirit, self, feelingn.エジェNew Testament of Pastalie
ellefrom, derived, originprep.エルCentral Standard Note
elyehitherto, 'til nowadv.エリェNew Testament of Pastalie
enand, so, therefore, forconj.エンCentral Standard Note
enclonewrap aroundv.エンクロゥネMetafalss Note
endiaterminate, stopv.エンディアMetafalss Note
enethink, feel stronglyv.エヌCult Ciel Note
enegdbecome numbv.エネグドゥCentral Standard Note
enerelalwaysadv.エネレルCult Ciel Note
enesseemotionn.エネッセCult Ciel Note
engassyaraid, plunder (command)n., v.エンガーシャCentral Standard Note
enguapredestined, inevitable, unchangeableadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
enneprayer, wishn., v.エニェCentral Standard Note
enreralways, usuallyadv.エンリャCult Ciel Note
enterenterv.エンテルCentral Standard Note
enviedstupid, idioticadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
enwwhile doing (something)conj.エンウCentral Standard Note
erllavery much, more, furtheradj., adv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
erphymemory, rememberancen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
erraI want this to continue foreverE.S. (III)エーラCentral Standard Note
essinprep.エースNew Testament of Pastalie
etlarge, grandadj.Central Standard Note
etaeatv.エータCentral Standard Note
etealuneeternityn.エテルネェMetafalss Note
eterneeternityn.エテールネAlpha Note (EOLIA)
euxeyen.ユクスCentral Standard Note
ewlelongadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
exaliradiant, dazzlingadj.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
execexecute, realize, invokev.エグゼクCentral Standard Note
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