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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
anw(direct object identifier)prep.アンワ、アンゥMetafalss Note
artbecause of, due toadv., prep.アルトCentral Standard Note
coreewithin my heartprep.?Unknown [Unofficial]
daffor, thatprep.?Unknown [Unofficial]
deawith, by means ofprep., prt.?Unknown [Unofficial]
deuthus, therefore, andprep., prt.?Unknown [Unofficial]
dn(instrument/location/cause/time identifier)prep.ドゥンNew Testament of Pastalie
du(direct object identifier)prep.ドゥNew Testament of Pastalie
ellefrom, derived, originprep.エルCentral Standard Note
essinprep.エースNew Testament of Pastalie
flipin exchange (for)prep.フリプCult Ciel Note
foltenbefore (directional), in frontprep.フォルテンCentral Standard Note
forgandalbecause of...(!)conj., prep.フォーガンダルCult Ciel Note
howlikeprep., prt.?Unknown [Unofficial]
naavebecauseprep.ナァベNew Testament of Pastalie
oteroriginating fromprep.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ozof (indicates possession)prep.オズCentral Standard Note
retaplease (action)prep.レタNew Testament of Pastalie
sosfor the sake ofconj., prep.ソスCentral Standard Note
testo, atprep., prt.テスCentral Standard Note
therthatprep., prt.ジァCentral Standard Note
tie(topic identifier)prep.ティエNew Testament of Pastalie
tou(indicates relative physical position)prep.トゥCentral Standard Note
utto, atprep., prt.ウトゥNew Testament of Pastalie
vaneven if (x) should happenconj., prep.ヴァンMetafalss Note
wareduring, in tandem withprep.ワーレCentral Standard Note
wemoreso thanprep.ウェCentral Standard Note
weenin (as in "inside of")prep.ウィンCentral Standard Note
whaithe reason why is (x)prep.ファイCentral Standard Note
wonon (as in "on top of")prep.ウォンCentral Standard Note
xelsince (elapsed time)prep., prt.?Unknown [Unofficial]
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