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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
NnreluctantE.S. (I)Central Standard Note
n.d.n.lay down, lay flatE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
n.e.g.prayE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
n.m.l.dyeE.V.ンムNew Testament of Pastalie
n.t.n.continue onwardsE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
nanegationadv.Central Standard Note
naavebecauseprep.ナァベNew Testament of Pastalie
nafakind, gentleadj.ナファNew Testament of Pastalie
nafankind, gentleadv.ナファンNew Testament of Pastalie
naflanseegood fortunen.ナフランズィーNew Testament of Pastalie
najafall back, fleev.ナージャCult Ciel Note
nearlife (mortality)n.ニェァーCentral Standard Note
neathred hot, scorchingadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
nedleneed, requirev.ニドゥルAlpha Note (EOLIA)
neeecallv.ネエCentral Standard Note
neentoo much, excessive, beyond reasonadj., adv.ニーンCult Ciel Note
neiaapproach, get acquaintedv.ネイアCentral Standard Note
nenenot understandadj.ネネCult Ciel Note
nepomoistenv.ネポCentral Standard Note
netveargive up, cave, become discouragedv.ネトヴィアCentral Standard Note
nezznosen.ネズCentral Standard Note
nhaaccept, summon, permit entry (spiritual)v.ニャCult Ciel Note
nhafsurprised, dazedadj., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
nilleresemblev.ニルCentral Standard Note
nnoinifirst timeadv., n.ノイニCentral Standard Note
nocenature, spontaneityn.ノーセCult Ciel Note
noesselfn.ノイスCentral Standard Note
noglleblackadj.ノグルCentral Standard Note
noogelie down, sleepv.ヌーグCult Ciel Note
noror, eitherconj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
nosaashgoddessn.ノーサッシュCult Ciel Note
nozessdiscard, losev.ノーゼスCentral Standard Note
nuihnightn.ヌイCentral Standard Note
numnilE.S. (II)ナムCentral Standard Note
nxnext, subsequentn.ヌクスCentral Standard Note
nyamomeowingn., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
nyamonyasfriendn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
nyanyascute, adorableadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
nyasrisad, depressedadj.ニャスリCult Ciel Note
nyasyamorinavery happyadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
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