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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
PajaHymmnos - Purgern.パージャCentral Standard Note
PhantasmagoriaHymmnos - Phantasmagorian.ファンタスマゴリアAlpha Note (EOLIA)
p.s.w.t.seize, acquireE.V.ピスウトNew Testament of Pastalie
pagletalk to, speak withv.パグレCentral Standard Note
pakmake time (for something)v.パクCentral Standard Note
paksexcited, nervousE.S. (II)パクスCentral Standard Note
pakzdivide, segragatev.パクズCult Ciel Note
papanarainn.パパナCult Ciel Note
papasbeliefn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
papulipuaworry, botherv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
parceproof, evidencen.パーシェCentral Standard Note
pargeunleash, freev.パジェCult Ciel Note
parithhonesty, sincerityadj., n.パリスCult Ciel Note
patrelease, liberatev.パッCult Ciel Note
paulfeel, sensev.パウルCult Ciel Note
pauweechild of powern.パゥウェーMetafalss Note
pauwelpowern.パゥウェルMetafalss Note
pawrpower, strengthn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
peceehatching (as from an egg), incubatingv.ピシCentral Standard Note
phiraseed, typen.ピラMetafalss Note
phizbodyn.フィズCult Ciel Note
phyuecongratulationsn., v.ヒュゥCentral Standard Note
picnotice, observev.ピクCentral Standard Note
pikcafruit, positive resultn.ピッカNew Testament of Pastalie
piltperceivev.ピルトCult Ciel Note
pipelpipe, cylinderadj., n.ピペルCentral Standard Note
pipitsmall quantityadj.ピピットNew Testament of Pastalie
pirtuespirit (as in ghost)n.ピリチュエMetafalss Note
pitodbeside, withadv.ピトッドCult Ciel Note
plinagreenery (vegetation)n.プリナCentral Standard Note
poeseed, typen.ポエNew Testament of Pastalie
polonisolationn.ポロンCult Ciel Note
pombcreate, producev.ポムCentral Standard Note
ponoeggn.ポノCentral Standard Note
popbubble, frothn.ポプNew Testament of Pastalie
porterwear (as in clothes)v.ポルテアCentral Standard Note
prasrityprosper, prosperityn., v.プラスリティーCentral Standard Note
presiaplease do (an action)adv.プレシアMetafalss Note
proothbloodn.プルースCult Ciel Note
prunafunnyadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ptrapicatreasuren.プトラピカCult Ciel Note
ptrapilefalltimen.プトラピルCult Ciel Note
pupetear, teardropn.ピューペNew Testament of Pastalie
pyufhead for, head tov.?Unknown [Unofficial]
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