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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
ChronicleKeyHymmnos - ChronicleKeyn.クロニクルキーAlpha Note (EOLIA)
c.z.transformE.V.スズNew Testament of Pastalie
calamilacatastrophen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
causecurse, tormentv.カウゼMetafalss Note
cecetshieldn.ケケトCentral Standard Note
cekufriend, partner, compatriotn.セクNew Testament of Pastalie
celetillevivid, clean, clear, lovelyadj.セレティルCentral Standard Note
celleheavenlyadv.セルレCentral Standard Note
cenjuechange, transformv.チェンジュエMetafalss Note
cerchiopossibility, probabilityn.チェルキオCentral Standard Note
cesttruth, realityadj., n.セストCentral Standard Note
cexmarrive, visit (person)v.セズムCentral Standard Note
chantipraise, rewardn., v.シャンティCentral Standard Note
chiesskissn., v.チェスCentral Standard Note
chsbecomev.チスCentral Standard Note
chseetransform intov.チーセCentral Standard Note
chyetchosen, specialadj.シェッCult Ciel Note
ciaskyn.シアNew Testament of Pastalie
cielworld, skyn.シェールCentral Standard Note
ciellenneair, the skiesn.シエルレーニェCentral Standard Note
ciettabecause, but, althoughconj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
clallisscolourn., v.クラリスCentral Standard Note
clamourknee, lapn.クラマーCentral Standard Note
clareclear, transparentadj., adv.クラレCentral Standard Note
clemezeninsane, insanityadj., n.クレムゼンCentral Standard Note
clyncyepure, genuineadj.クリンシェCult Ciel Note
coallreturnv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
colgaicen.クオルガCentral Standard Note
colgenfreeze, frozenadj., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
coreewithin my heartprep.?Unknown [Unofficial]
corleheartn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
corpubody, fleshn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
crannidalesharev.クラニダーレMetafalss Note
cremiarelief, aid, salvationn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
crowncup, gobletn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
crudeaanguish, distressn.クルーデアMetafalss Note
crushuecreate, craftv.クルシューエMetafalss Note
cuplasinn.キュプルCentral Standard Note
cyuiesad, sorrowfuladj.キュイCentral Standard Note
cyurioreason, logic, systemn.キュリオCentral Standard Note
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