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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
Wasvery muchE.S. (I)ワスCentral Standard Note
WeereasonableE.S. (I)ウィCentral Standard Note
w.f.desire to doE.V.ウフNew Testament of Pastalie
w.h.h.feel, sense, experienceE.V.ヲゥNew Testament of Pastalie
w.n.s.(re)visit, echoE.V.ウンスNew Testament of Pastalie
w.r.l.aim for, trackE.V.ウルルNew Testament of Pastalie
w.r.m.illuminate, shineE.V.ワルムNew Testament of Pastalie
w.s.giveE.V.ウスNew Testament of Pastalie
w.s.s.praiseE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
w.w.j.n.c.resonate, sympathizeE.V.ウージャンクNew Testament of Pastalie
waI can tolerate thisE.S. (III)Central Standard Note
waahappyE.S. (II)ワアMetafalss Note
waathrefresh, restore to lifev.ワースCentral Standard Note
waatsimportant, valuableadj.ワーツCentral Standard Note
waeljoy, delightn., v.ワェールCentral Standard Note
walaenlifecyclen.ワラエンCult Ciel Note
walakawalkv.ワラカCentral Standard Note
walasyepersonn.ワラーシェCult Ciel Note
walphishmermaid, mermann.ワルフィッシュCult Ciel Note
warce(conferrence of) blessing, celebrationn., v.ワーシェCentral Standard Note
wareduring, in tandem withprep.ワーレCentral Standard Note
warmawarm, soothingadj.ワーマCentral Standard Note
wartword, languagen.ワートCentral Standard Note
wasaraabundant, abundanceadj., n.ワサラCentral Standard Note
wasestrong, intenseadj.ウェイズCult Ciel Note
wassafestivaln.ワッサCult Ciel Note
wasseepraisev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
wattsurprise, startlev.ワットCult Ciel Note
waze(indicates multiplicity)adj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
wemoreso thanprep.ウェCentral Standard Note
weakmoon, month (when used as a period counter)n.ウィアクCentral Standard Note
weakenrightn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
wealhappy, gladadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
wearequewiewish, desire, pray, hopev.ワーレクワイエMetafalss Note
weel"...come true!", "...happen!"v.ウィーCentral Standard Note
weenin (as in "inside of")prep.ウィンCentral Standard Note
wefawarm, soothingadj.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
werllratear, teardrop, dropn.ウィルラMetafalss Note
werlwecry, shed tears, weepv.ウィルウェMetafalss Note
whaithe reason why is (x)prep.ファイCentral Standard Note
whaltwhatn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
wharnarmn.ワーンCentral Standard Note
whouperformed byadj., v.フォウCentral Standard Note
withat, that one theren.ウィCentral Standard Note
wienemelody, tone, timbren.?Unknown [Unofficial]
williedelicate, ephemeraladj.ウィリCentral Standard Note
wimdaughtern.ウィムCentral Standard Note
windilingspirit of the windn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
wirtamarlstranquil, tranquilityadj., n.?Unknown [Unofficial]
wisit is (literal qualifier)adj.ヴィスMetafalss Note
wolfervourousE.S. (II)ヴォルCentral Standard Note
wonon (as in "on top of")prep.ウォンCentral Standard Note
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