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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
HaibanationHymmnos - Hibernationn.ハイバーネションUnknown [Unofficial]
HarmoniousHymmnos - Harmoniousn.ハーモニウスCentral Standard Note
h.k.t.t.embrace, hugE.V.ハクトNew Testament of Pastalie
h.l.s.s.lamentE.V.フルスNew Testament of Pastalie
h.m.m.r.sing, express through songE.V.フムルNew Testament of Pastalie
h.p.p.think, feelE.V.フプNew Testament of Pastalie
h.p.ps.thinking (caring) about (someone)E.V.フップスNew Testament of Pastalie
h.r.n.t.go on a journeyE.V.ハントNew Testament of Pastalie
h.w.s.s.matureE.V.フウスNew Testament of Pastalie
hafpick up, possessv.ハフCentral Standard Note
handeresdefeat, lossn., v.ヘンデレスCentral Standard Note
haohigher rank, higher grade, superioradj.ハオCentral Standard Note
harmoncommunal effortv.ハーモンCentral Standard Note
harphemorningn.ハルフェNew Testament of Pastalie
harrshepron.ハルルCentral Standard Note
harrathey (feminine)pron.ハルルラCentral Standard Note
harsher (plural)n.ハルスCentral Standard Note
harteslovev.ハーテスCult Ciel Note
hartonloven.ハートンCentral Standard Note
hashern.ハスCentral Standard Note
hasyufishn.ハシュCentral Standard Note
heathvery hotadj.ヒースCentral Standard Note
heethahealthyadj., n.ヒィーサCentral Standard Note
heighteinjurev.ヘイテMetafalss Note
herthispron.イァCentral Standard Note
hereheren.イアCentral Standard Note
herrhepron.へルルCentral Standard Note
herrathey (masculine)pron.へルルラCentral Standard Note
hershim (plural)n.へルスCentral Standard Note
heshimn.ヘスCentral Standard Note
hiegsad, to be sadadj., v.ヒーグCentral Standard Note
hierlesad, to be sadadj., v.ヘィアルレーMetafalss Note
hiewsaddness, griefn.ヒーウNew Testament of Pastalie
hiewiheart-breaking, sadadj.ヒーウィNew Testament of Pastalie
hiralgthirstn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
hopbheart, mind (as an experience)n.ホップCult Ciel Note
houdembracev.ホウドCentral Standard Note
howlikeprep., prt.?Unknown [Unofficial]
hueaffutile, pointless, inevitable (failure)adj.ヒャフCentral Standard Note
hyear"hey", "you, there"intj.イェア、ヤCentral Standard Note
hymalisten (to words)v.ヒュマCentral Standard Note
hymmasmall birdn.ヒュンマCentral Standard Note
hymmesing, play an instrument, resonaten., v.ヒュムCentral Standard Note
hymmnemelody, tune, sound wavesn.ヒュムネCentral Standard Note
hymmnosHymmnos, songn.ヒュムノスCentral Standard Note
hynnevoicen.ヒュンCentral Standard Note
hyzikbody, formn.フィジクAlpha Note (EOLIA)
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