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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
y.m.q.bear fruit, rpienE.V.ヤンクNew Testament of Pastalie
y.y.heal, cureE.V.ヤヤNew Testament of Pastalie
y.z.t.wish, requestE.V.ヤズットNew Testament of Pastalie
yahalaugh, smilev.ヤハCentral Standard Note
yanjealways, foreveradv.ヤニェCentral Standard Note
yantfearfulE.S. (II)ヤントMetafalss Note
yanwetreat with care, respectv.ヤンウェCentral Standard Note
yanyaueimportant, valuableadj.ヤンヤゥエMetafalss Note
yartchance encounterv.ヤートCentral Standard Note
yaserwerelaxv.ヤサーウェCentral Standard Note
yasrakind, gentleadj.ヤスラMetafalss Note
yassacomplete, achievev.ヤッサCentral Standard Note
yatsesupport (emotionally)v.ヤッセCentral Standard Note
yeahappyE.S. (II)イェアCentral Standard Note
yealline, cable, connectionn.イェーアCult Ciel Note
yeeelfar, distantadj.イェールCult Ciel Note
yehahgood fortunen.イェハーCentral Standard Note
yeharclear, empty, erase (as in memory)v.イェハールMetafalss Note
yerwevocalize (produce vocal sound)v.イェーウェMetafalss Note
yesserear, raisev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
yetereif (x) then (y)conj.イェーテレCentral Standard Note
yoryoun.ヨアCentral Standard Note
yorayou (plural)n.ヨラCentral Standard Note
yorryou (subject)pron.ヨルルCentral Standard Note
yorrayou (subject, plural)pron.ヨルルラCentral Standard Note
yosyouradv.ヨスCentral Standard Note
yosyuacomfort, console, amusev.ヨシュアCentral Standard Note
yuezmutuallyadv.ユェゼCentral Standard Note
yulundissolve, homogenisev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
yurabalancen.ユラCentral Standard Note
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