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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
t.h.s.go outsideE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
t.k.d.reach (as a destination), arriveE.V.トクトNew Testament of Pastalie
t.n.stop, haltE.V.トゥンNew Testament of Pastalie
t.n.m.n.scatter, sow, distributeE.V.トンムンNew Testament of Pastalie
t.r.m.develop, bloom, implementE.V.トルムNew Testament of Pastalie
tafaneglitter, sparklen., v.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
talamsunrisen.ターランNew Testament of Pastalie
tantadance, flitv.タンタCentral Standard Note
tapawatern.タパNew Testament of Pastalie
tarfestop, haltv.ターフェCentral Standard Note
targuecontinue (x) even if (y)conj.ターグエNew Testament of Pastalie
tasyuemake an offering, sacrificev.ターシュエMetafalss Note
tatakariaexistences, beings, livesn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
tekstart, gov.テクCentral Standard Note
testo, atprep., prt.テスCentral Standard Note
teyysstop in place, suspendv.テイスCentral Standard Note
therthatprep., prt.ジァCentral Standard Note
tictimoperate, process, function autonomouslyv.ティクティムCentral Standard Note
tiecatch, bindv.ティCult Ciel Note
tie(topic identifier)prep.ティエNew Testament of Pastalie
tienarwithout stopping, without endadv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
tilantaflow intov.?Unknown [Unofficial]
timtimen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
titiagood will, good intentionsn.ティティアNew Testament of Pastalie
titilaccessory, small itemn.ティティルCult Ciel Note
titiliasmall, tinyadj.ティティリアCult Ciel Note
toerise above, stand overadj., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
tonelicodivine tree (possibly also 'tower')n.?Unknown [Unofficial]
tou(indicates relative physical position)prep.トゥCentral Standard Note
touwakahopefulE.S. (II)トゥワカCentral Standard Note
trinanotice, become awarev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ttubeing done for the sake ofconj.ツトウNew Testament of Pastalie
turebondsn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
tussuchange, transformationn.トゥッスNew Testament of Pastalie
tyuismall, littleadj.トゥュイNew Testament of Pastalie
tyusskind, gentleadj.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
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