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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
acracertainly, surelyadv.アクラCentral Standard Note
antogether, sharingadv.アンCentral Standard Note
aronly, uniqueadj., adv.アルCentral Standard Note
artbecause of, due toadv., prep.アルトCentral Standard Note
bengbefore, previous, pastadv., n.ベングCentral Standard Note
celleheavenlyadv.セルレCentral Standard Note
clareclear, transparentadj., adv.クラレCentral Standard Note
elyehitherto, 'til nowadv.エリェNew Testament of Pastalie
enerelalwaysadv.エネレルCult Ciel Note
enreralways, usuallyadv.エンリャCult Ciel Note
erllavery much, more, furtheradj., adv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
goaonly (thing)adj., adv.ゴアNew Testament of Pastalie
jamtogetheradv.ジャムCentral Standard Note
lathat (used to add emphasis)adj., adv.Central Standard Note
lamenzeoborne of laments, borne of griefadj., adv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
lithat (used to add emphasis)adj., adv.Central Standard Note
llizzmight, possibly, maybeadv.リズCentral Standard Note
maximmost, extremeadj., adv.マクシムCentral Standard Note
nanegationadv.Central Standard Note
nafankind, gentleadv.ナファンNew Testament of Pastalie
neentoo much, excessive, beyond reasonadj., adv.ニーンCult Ciel Note
nnoinifirst timeadv., n.ノイニCentral Standard Note
oucctogetheradv.オゥクNew Testament of Pastalie
ouremore than anything, above alladj., adv.オゥレCentral Standard Note
pitodbeside, withadv.ピトッドCult Ciel Note
presiaplease do (an action)adv.プレシアMetafalss Note
re(passive modifier)adv.Central Standard Note
rifaiahborne of revivaladj., adv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
rollikeadv.ロルCentral Standard Note
soin such a way, to that degreeadv., prt.?Unknown [Unofficial]
tienarwithout stopping, without endadv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
ujesmaliceadv., n.ウジェスNew Testament of Pastalie
vlsince, fromadv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
xeplease (used to show respect)adv.Cluster Note
xlever since (relative to an event)adv.クセルCentral Standard Note
yanjealways, foreveradv.ヤニェCentral Standard Note
yosyouradv.ヨスCentral Standard Note
yuezmutuallyadv.ユェゼCentral Standard Note
zesslikeadv.ゼスNew Testament of Pastalie
zznegationadv.ズーNew Testament of Pastalie
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