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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
MadiscretionaryE.S. (I)Central Standard Note
Manactrue name, name of a souln.マナクCult Ciel Note
MetaMid-sized mountainous regionn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
MetafalicaHymmnos - Metafalican.メタファリカMetafalss Note
m.a.m.existE.V.マムNew Testament of Pastalie
m.f.l.cover, shroudE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
m.n.g.consume, learnE.V.ングNew Testament of Pastalie
m.r.r.project, reflectE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
m.t.y.y.create, produce, realizeE.V.マトウィNew Testament of Pastalie
maenfull moonn.マエンNew Testament of Pastalie
mahinhandn.マァインCentral Standard Note
manaflife (mortality)n.マナフMetafalss Note
manafalntransmigration, reincarnationv.マナファルンCult Ciel Note
manafeezelive, state of livingn., v.マナフィーツェMetafalss Note
maohMaoh, Rhaplanca's partner in Meta Falss mythology n.マオMetafalss Note
marfobeloved, dearadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
martamother, motherlyadj., n.マルタMetafalss Note
mauneyelidn.マウンCult Ciel Note
maximmost, extremeadj., adv.マクシムCentral Standard Note
mayamagic, the supernaturaln.マヤCult Ciel Note
meame, myselfn.ミーァCentral Standard Note
meanus, ourselvesn.ミーンCentral Standard Note
meaqlgentleadj.?Unknown [Unofficial]
melenaslove, care for very deeplyv.メレナスCult Ciel Note
melifanhistoryn.メリファンMetafalss Note
melvazbriden.メルヴァズCult Ciel Note
memoramemoryn.メモーラCentral Standard Note
meodream, idealn.メオCentral Standard Note
merfapure, pure wishadj., n.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
merraus (subject form)n.?Central Standard Note
meryumemoryn.メリュNew Testament of Pastalie
mesoclutterv.メソCentral Standard Note
messetransmit, reportv.メッセーCentral Standard Note
milrafragrancen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
miriewarm, gentleadj., n.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
mortodie, deathn., v.モルトCentral Standard Note
murfanthink, feelv.ムルファンMetafalss Note
murfanarethoughts, feelingsn.ムルファナーレMetafalss Note
mutrkwarm, gentleadj.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
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