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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
D_CELLD-Cellophanecnstr.DセロファンUnknown [Unofficial]
Diaking, throne, rulern.ディアCentral Standard Note
d.n.danceE.V.ドゥンNew Testament of Pastalie
d.n.g.pierceE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
d.r.s.n.passed down, passed onE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
d.s.s.n.strike, engageE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
d.z.dieE.V.New Testament of Pastalie
daedueyesoren.ダェドゥスNew Testament of Pastalie
daffor, thatprep.?Unknown [Unofficial]
danddoorn.ダンドCentral Standard Note
dauandawnn.ダウアンCentral Standard Note
dauanelike or related to dawnadj.ダウアネCentral Standard Note
dazuadark, shadyadj., n.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
deawith, by means ofprep., prt.?Unknown [Unofficial]
deatapass judgment, convictv.ダーテCult Ciel Note
deggeezbetray, oppose, betrayaln., v.ディジーズCentral Standard Note
degledestroy, overthrow, ruinv.デグルCult Ciel Note
dejuyatonementn.デジュィNew Testament of Pastalie
deleircalamity, disastern.デレイアAlpha Note (EOLIA)
delijloathe, hate, shunv.ドゥエリッジAlpha Note (EOLIA)
denbut, although, howeverconj.デンCentral Standard Note
deneraevil beingn.デネラCentral Standard Note
deraccording to, by means ofprt.デァMetafalss Note
desfelhate, detest, unpleasantadj., v.ディスフェルMetafalss Note
destdestroy, obliterate, bring to an endv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
deuthus, therefore, andprep., prt.?Unknown [Unofficial]
deweekneelv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
dgalcountry, regionn.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
dhezeallcaptive, prisonern.ディージアルMetafalss Note
diaseechild of divinityn.ディアズィエーMetafalss Note
didalialarge, grandadj.ダイダリアCult Ciel Note
diletegod's divine protectionn.ディレーテCentral Standard Note
discestlie, cheat, deceiven., v.ディセストCentral Standard Note
diusdivine, sacred, nobleadj., n.ディウスCult Ciel Note
diviegasacred sword, great wisdom (derivative meaning)n.ディヴィエーガCult Ciel Note
djebodyn.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
dn(instrument/location/cause/time identifier)prep.ドゥンNew Testament of Pastalie
dooduground, earthn.ドードゥNew Testament of Pastalie
dopleremove, exclude, rejectv.ドプレCentral Standard Note
dorland mass, continentn.ドールCentral Standard Note
dorntree, woodn.ドルンCentral Standard Note
dornpicanut, berryn.ドゥルンピカCult Ciel Note
draleeofferingn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
dronedownload, absorbv.ドゥローネCentral Standard Note
dsierdesiren.ヂェアCentral Standard Note
du(direct object identifier)prep.ドゥNew Testament of Pastalie
dyyadayn.ディーアCentral Standard Note
dyyal(day-count indicator)n.ディーアルCentral Standard Note
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