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Hymmnos Meaning Class Kana Dialect
k.f.k.k.sneer at, ridiculeE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
k.r.play, frolicE.V.クルNew Testament of Pastalie
k.v.n.r.challenge, defyE.V.ケヴンルNew Testament of Pastalie
k.v.r.wrap, coverE.V.?Pastalie [Unofficial]
kajyaessentialadj.カジャNew Testament of Pastalie
kapawatern.カパCult Ciel Note
karfchangev.?Unknown [Unofficial]
keenshine, sparklev.ケーンCentral Standard Note
keenisradiancen.ケニスCentral Standard Note
kegbranch, limbn.ケグNew Testament of Pastalie
khalprotect, defendv.クァルCentral Standard Note
kifocused, concentratingE.S. (II)Central Standard Note
kiafahear, listenv.キアファMetafalss Note
kiakkyafriendn.?Unknown [Unofficial]
kialagold, goldenadj., n.?Unknown [Unofficial]
kierreinstant, momentn.キェーッレMetafalss Note
kilkillv.キルCentral Standard Note
knawaknow, understandv.ノーワCentral Standard Note
kneetbe late, be delayedv.ニートCentral Standard Note
koffldrinkv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
konlaecho, resoundn., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
koorastream, brookn.コーラCentral Standard Note
koufsighn., v.クーフNew Testament of Pastalie
kshint, suggestv.ケスCult Ciel Note
kuhlepoisonn.キューレCentral Standard Note
kvviaregret, repentancen., v.?Unknown [Unofficial]
kvyeireend, demisen.?Unknown [Unofficial]
kyllcut, detach, severv.?Unknown [Unofficial]
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